RLS Law specializes in commercial civil litigation. Representing corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs, we cover every industry. Our team of qualified trial attorneys led by Robyn Lynn Sztyndor, Esq., are committed to representing our clients to the best of our ability. Our trial attorneys are experienced litigators, having handled a wide variety of matters in court and successfully defending lawsuits brought by commercial plaintiffs. When competitors and regulatory agencies attempt to tie-up our clients in tort litigation, we provide unparalleled defense.


Our team of talented attorneys defend your interests when competitors attempt to stifle your business with litigation. From the boardroom to the courtroom, RLS Law will counter your opposition so you can focus on your business. We respond to all varieties of civil and commercial lawsuits lodged against our clients. RLS Law has successfully defended against all types of deceptive trade practice claims and consumer protection actions. When facing allegations lodged against you by competing interests, we fight for your business. Representing corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs, we offer uncompromising legal defense.


When state regulatory agencies accuse your business of deceptive trade practices, RLS Law is ready to lead your defense. Whether facing allegations of fraud, deceptive trade practices, breach of contract, common law commercial claims, or tort claims, RLS Law will be your advocate. Our talented team attorneys are experienced defending against action brought against corporations by state regulatory agencies. Having had success defending our clients in numerous lawsuits from the Office of the Attorney General, we know how to successfully defend these complex matters. Choose an attorney who knows what to do. Choose RLS Law.


Robyn Lynn Sztyndor, Esq., is a competent and accomplished attorney. She has successfully defended against cases brought by the Office of the Attorney and the competitors of her clients.  Leading RLS Law, Ms. Sztyndor concentrates her practice in civil litigation with a tailored focus on commercial litigation. Ms. Sztyndor has extensive experience in complex litigation matters involving professional negligence, product liability, and complex commercial litigation on behalf of corporations and small businesses. Leading an excellent team of commercial litigation attorneys, Ms. Sztyndor keeps clients covered when faced with regulatory allegations and lawsuits.